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Dumpster Rentals,

What Are Dumpster Rentals?

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes

Needing a roll off dumpster for a cleanup project, building job, or demolition work? 

Discount Dumpster rentals Shop is the place to find your roll off dumpster. Find Preferred Vendors in your local area that provide roll off dumpster service by clicking on the city nearest to you in the red box.

Our Preferred Vendors offer many dumpster sorts so you can select the correct size for your project. Roll off dumpster sizes are indicated in cubic yards. Typical roll off dumpster sizes are 10-15, 20, 30 & 40 yard dumpsters. We’ve listed the dumpster measurements for each of these roll off dumpster sizes below.

10-15 Cubic Yard

  • Ideal for moderate construction, renovation or landscaping project
  • 15′-20′ long x 8′ broad × 3′ tall*
  • Open top accommodates roughly 5-6 pickup truck loads

20 Cubic Yard

  • Ideal for modest to medium building chores or garage clean outs
  • 20′ long x 8′ broad x 4′ tall*
  • Open top holds roughly 10 pickup truck loads

Commercial Dumpster Sizes

When picking a trash service for long term use, you have various factors to consider – recycling alternatives, reuse methods, contract terms, equipment needed and cost. Dumpster sizes and specifications will vary depending to manufacturer.

You need a rubbish supplier in your local area who will work with you to guarantee you are getting exactly what you need. Our Preferred Vendors will conduct a complete waste analysis on your waste stream and make a credible suggestion based on expertise from waste haulers in your local area.

Actual Dumpster Sizes May Vary Per Market Area

2 Cubic Yard:

  • Ideal for small to midsize organizations or for places with confined spaces
  • 6′ broad x 3′ deep x 3′ tall*
  • Holds roughly 30 kitchen sized (13 gallon) waste bag

3 Cubic Yard:

  • Ideal for small to midsize organizations or for places with confined spaces
  • 6′ broad x 4′ deep x 4′ tall*
  • Holds roughly 45 kitchen sized (13 gallon) waste bags

Reliable Roll Off Dumpsters & Waste Management Service in North California

Whether you are new to dumpster rental or are a contractor with continual service needs, an experienced ‘Preferred Vendor’ dumpster rental organization will aid you by assisting with container size selection and will be flexible on trash delivery dates to accommodate your rubbish removal demands. North California is a superb way to make sure your project does not face delays.

What Will The Cost Be? How Can I Get Started?

We offer full-service junk removal for your house or company. Items we can remove include furniture, electronic appliances, exercise equipment, computers, and playground equipment, as well as lawn and garden items. There are key aspects to consider before engaging our vendors.

Some Things To Consider:

Size Of Your Project: 

What is the volume to be disposed of? How much waste will be generated?

What Can I Put In My Dumpster? 

You can place shingles, sheetrock, windows, plastic, furniture, and metal as well as many other items. We have the experience to help you decide what size dumpster you need for your demolition. Read our FAQ page for extra details on what you can dispose of.

Environmental Impact: 

We can remove toxic stuff such as asbestos and lead paint – but not in a dumpster. We have knowledgeable local approved vendors to assist you with these unique problems and can give the safe, thorough service you want.


How will my debris be disposed of? Some of your resources can be recycled such as concrete or glass while other goods might be sold for scrap, or salvaged. This is excellent for the environment and helps with the expense of your project.


123 Dumpster Rental will deal with preferred vendors who make recycling a number one issue. We can make a difference for our environment when we all work together. By recycling commodities we use daily, such as cardboard, glass, and aluminum cans, new life can be given to objects that used to be thrown, conserving energy and helping curb greenhouse gas emissions.

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